Does this poem offend you?

Does it offend If I tell you That you are eating the flesh Of a murdered individual? That your stomach is now A tomb for piece Or rotting body parts Not resting peacefully That your tongue enjoys The taste of suffering Mutilation And death That your omelet Was the product Of mass murder of baby …

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If I lent you my eyes

These days I feel Such sadness I understand How the suffragettes The pro abolitionists Those fighting In the past Against a social injustice Felt It can feel Like banging your head Against a wall Hoping to knock A few pebbles Loose Yet The wall stubbornly remains It does not realize How illogical it is being …

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Farm US: Part 1

In this version of reality there is not only one species of Homo sapiens but two. The first were Homo sapiens sapiens as you and I know them, the second were Homo sapiens griseus which were colloquially referred to as Betas. Betas are very similar in many ways to normal humans it is more interesting …

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