25 benefits of having a vegetable garden

There are many benefits to starting your own vegetable garden or maintaining an existing one. Some of  these points will still apply even if you aren’t growing food and just focusing purely on the aesthetics.

  1. Enjoy the beauty of nature.
  2. Get exercise.
  3. Breathe fresh air.
  4. Know where your food came from and what went into it.
  5.  You are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables when you grow them yourself.
  6. The food is fresher because it was just picked.
  7. Help the environment by eating local and organic.
  8. Become more self sufficient.
  9. Have a sense of pride an accomplishment.
  10. It can lead to learning new skill like cooking or canning.
  11. It’s a great activity for children.
  12. Get more in touch with the seasons.
  13. Get more vitamin D.
  14. Getting your hands dirty actually makes you happier and releases serotonin.
  15. Save money on your grocery bill.
  16. Increase your property value. This is especially true with healthy established fruit trees.
  17. Practice a more sustainable lifestyle.
  18. Learn how to save seeds.
  19. Reduce food waste. No one wants to throw away the food they’ve spent so much time growing if they can help it.
  20. Have a better sense of place.
  21. It’s easy and fun.
  22. The food tastes better.
  23. It reduces stress.
  24. You can help encourage beneficial pollinators like honey bees.
  25. Learn how to compost and turn food waste into a resource.

From both mental and physical health to protecting the environment to helping reducing expenses. There are so many reasons to start growing your own food.

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