Why we should eat Bambi

In response to public complaints of the overpopulation of deer I say lets eat Bambi. Why you might ask? Well we could reduce the population of deer while providing the local community with an organic, local, sustainable and humane source of meat. Some of the problems  with deer overpopulation include damage to local gardens and farms. For example, Galey Farms had large amounts of their crops destroyed by deer and because of this they have lost income and are being forced to downsize their operation. With everyone supposedly being environmentally aware it would seem logical that people would want to maintain a steady supply of local produce, not to mention support local business. If this could be coupled with a local supply of meat I don’t see the problem.
Some people argue that we shouldn’t hurt the deer that we have be encroaching on their territory and now they have nowhere else to go. It is true the human population is ever expanding and so is urban development but the fact remain that unless people want to pack their bags and go elsewhere we need to find a way to reduce the population of deer.
In our current agricultural system conventionally produced meat bought at your local supermarket or fast food restaurant has a story to tell. Animals raised for meat production on large conventional farms are packed together in tightly enclosed areas like sardines. They are fed foods intended to fatten them up fast for slaughter but that also has the consequence of compromising the health of the animal. Not to mention the fact that most of the crops fed to livestock are grown in unsustainable way, which use heavy application of fertilizers and pesticides, which are subsidized to be cheap and then shipped great distances before arriving at their destination. In such close quarters  the animal often end up standing in their own filth which encourages the spread of disease. To combat this they are given regular doses of antibiotics, which the bacteria soon build up resistance to and then the meat is sterilized with harsh chemicals, after which the meat is shipped great distances before arriving at your supermarket. In what way is this sustainable or humane?
If the deer where to be harvested as a meat source then local butchers could be given the opportunity to be involved  thus supporting the local economy. Locals could be given the opportunity to participate in consuming a product that would be humane and environmentally conscious. As well it would decrease our reliance on a dysfunctional agricultural system. Any one who is opposed to this solution but yet goes to their supermarket to buy conventional meat is neglecting to provide positive feed back to this community and I would if I could ask them to leave.

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