I walked too many times in the snow


Shivering in desperation

Slipping on patches of ice

More frozen that I could ever hope to be.


I walked

Hand and feet frozen

Thoughts frozen like the puddles

Snowflakes drifting in like faint hopes

Melting on my face

Numb without expression.


I walked in the snow

Never warmed by any company

Crushing chunks of frozen ice

Under unfeeling footsteps

As I made my way




Where the sharp chilling wind

Tried to find its way through

The cracks in the walls,

Where I examined

The cold blackened dead parts

Of myself,

Where warmth is but

An elusive dream.


I walked home

In the snow

In the emptiness and dark.

A dream created by falling flakes

And silence.


I don`t want the memories

Of the snow

But it is snowing

And I feel cold.


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