Waking up
To the sound of rain,
The gentle steady plopping
Of water falling from the sky,
And the clock screaming at you
Telling you the laziness
Of sleep is over.

Reading the paper
While the coffee pot
Chugs and belches out
Liquid energy,
Which you drink too
Quickly to taste
As you notice the time.

In traffic
As the radio plays
Your favourite song
And bored and anxious
Drivers try to
With Morse code
With blaring horns.

To your desk at work
Shuffling papers
Listening to the keys
Click under you fingers
As you log in
And plunge into
The work day.

It is lunch time
As the fridge hums happily
Watching the people
Hustle to eat
And you listen to people
That the day is
Only half done.

After work
Up the trails
And finding the perfect spot
To sit
And listen to the stream
Run by
And the birds
Flirt with each other
As you forget about
The day and all of the

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