House On Fire


I realize that
The house is on fire
Our house
The one we all live in
And I need help
To put out the flames.

Some don’t believe
Me, the alarmist,
Crazy about protecting
The fragile wood
The structure
Of our home.

When how could it burn
It has been here so long,
When they don’t see
Any evidence
Is behind them
Or below them.

Some can’t see
The flames
Or the smoke
Is a blur in their eyes
Blocking the bigger picture
Of sparks flying.

Some don’t believe
It is an issue
To be concerned about
That the water
Should be used
For washing dishes instead.

Wasting the water
Is unacceptable
The house must be kept
Neat and tidy
Orderly and functioning
Like a perfect machine.

Some see
The nursery room
Burning brightly
An inheritance
For the next generation
Not theirs.

It is too late
For this generation
To make a difference
As it relaxes
And languishes
In it’s hot bath.

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