Guest post: Leapfrogging in Ethiopia – myth or reality?

The Earthbound Report

A couple of weeks ago I heard Steve Baines present some findings from his MA on low carbon development in Ethiopia. That’s a country I’ve had my eye on, and I asked Steve if he’d share his work in a guest post. It addresses one of the most pressing questions in development:

Leapfrogging – Myth or Reality? Can economic growth really be decoupled from increased carbon emissions in Least Developed Countries?

These are definitely not the research findings I expected! The data in front of me has challenged me and my long held assumptions.

ethiopia-streetClimate negotiations through the years show us one thing very clearly – that the Least Developed Countries’ (LDCs) demand the right to develop their own economies and build their own prosperity for their people. They are not prepared to accept underdevelopment under the guise of carbon responsibility.

The question is whether Least Developed Countries can…

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