Master Of Puppets


When the master of puppets
Is a maniac,
When the strings he pulls
Are of hypocrisy,
Half truths,
And righteous lies,
You will be trained
To believe.
The audience sits
The rhythmic pulling
On the strings.

The story unfolds,
A fantastical tale
Of hate,
Of terror,
Of insanity,
But there will be justice?

Don’t you know?
That the righteous
Are of the purest white,
They adorn themselves in gold,
They tremble only before god
And exact his wrath.

Don’t you know?
You can remove the word ‘hate’
From ‘hate speech’
When security is involved
Don’t you know?
The truth in all its purity is
Too divine to fall on common ears.

The stage is in shambles
But he will make it great again!
The greatest play ever
Shall be performed
But first the puppets
Who do not dance
As eloquently on their strings
Must be extracted
From the cast.
And the stage will be rebuilt
And the theatre next door
Will pay for it
Because he is the greatest
Master of puppets.
Don’t you know?
You’re eyes deceive you,
When you read the posters
On the wall
That tell you
This is an insane fantasy.

Don’t you know?
The puppets enjoy their strings,
They enjoy prancing
In this imaginary realm.

And as the audience
Watches the play
Some hear the bell
Of truth crying
Other hear the shambling
Of alternative facts.

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