The Second Sister


The First Sister;
“How can you say it is not a dictatorship?
Once freedom of speech is gone
You can no longer call it a democracy.”

The Second Sister;
“People should just deal with it
And do the best they can.
They are making too much of a big deal of it,
Like the marches
And protests.
What do they actually think
They are achieving?”

“You have to voice
An issue
To make it heard,

“But they are not doing anything,
Just being the center of attention,
Or playing the victim,
Too many people are bitching
About nothing.
It’s not even happening
In our country.”

“Should we not stand
With out brothers and sisters
From abroad?
Should we not support them
In their fight?
Should we not fight
Against racism,
And other forms
Of injustice?”

“Sexism doesn’t exist
And I think transphobia
Is acceptable
Because it is a new thing.
If I had a son
And he wanted to be a woman
I think I would be upset
And I would never think of him
As my daughter
Because I gave birth
To a son first.”

Is not a new thing
And discrimination
In any form
Is unacceptable.
Sexism is real
I’ve seen it,
I’ve heard it,
I’ve experienced it.
I’ve been the more educated
And experienced employee paid
Less than a man
Even if I do more.”

“Maybe those
Were just isolated incidents.
The wage gap
Isn’t real.
Men and women
Are paid the same
Where I work.
How can you think
That we live in a patriarchal society
In our day and age.”

“Maybe we are
Not forced to bear children
Do laundry
Clean and cook
For men
But there are still inequalities.”

“What is wrong
With being a stay at home mom?
Some people enjoy
Taking care of their children
And their home.”

“And if they choose that
For themselves that is fine.
But a lack of choice is not freedom.
And we have a long ways to go
To an egalitarian society.
Maybe yes we are more privileged
Than our ancestors
Who fought for these rights
To have a say
But do we really want to stop
Fighting for our freedom
Or give it away.”

“How dare you say
That I am privileged
When I have been abused,
Broke and broken
And faced so many obstacles.
But I rose above it
And people need
To stop complaining,
And do the same.”


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