To save the earth
First we must work together.
To work together
We must first stop fighting.

We fight each other
In line for the next deal,
For rights not given or taken away,
Over who should stand up
And take responsibility.

At lines too long,
At the struggle
Over disease,
Those in power
Who are too often blind.
Why is it
You can see
The issues of the day
More clearly
When you are trapped
At the bottom of a well.

Those who struggle each day
To scavenge
Those whose voices have to be raised
To a scream
To be heard
By those too high above to hear.
Who should stand up?

Those who sit up high
Lost in a swirl of things
That glitter and distract
Who have never known
The discomfort of poverty
Who should stand up?

Pointing fingers,
Passing the blame around
Like a game of hot potato.

Those who wear blindfolds.
Those who can see
But are not allowed to act.
Those who have the means
But the cause means
Nothing to them.

When we cannot cooperate
When we are divided
When we lose respect
For our brothers and sisters
How can we hope
To unite.

Sharing is caring
Is a concept for children.
Our mother must be
Horribly dismayed.

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