What difference
Does one voice make?
And what difference
Does a sign make?
What difference
Does any form of civil disobedience make?

Make it heard.
Make it known.
Push it in their faces
So they cannot ignore it.
The shouts,
The signs
The stomping
Of so many feet.
One monstrous organism
Demanding change.

History repeats itself
A never ending pattern.
Where the downtrodden
Attempt to clamber
Up the ladder
Towards equality.
The privileged
Deny any problems.
You have to make
A lot of noise
Before anyone
Will listen.

But we slowly resolve
Each issue
And build a new level
Of societal expectations
Because the future of equality
Is paved by the footsteps
Is written in the petitions
Is sung in the roars
Of the protests
Of today.

One thought on “Protest

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