Why Protesting Matters

A few people I have talked to recently have said that they don’t see any point in protesting or that protesting isn’t actually doing anything. However there a quite a few good reasons to protest and lots of examples where protesting has helped elicit change.

Reasons to protest;
1. It brings more attention to a cause or issue.
2. It creates a sense of empowerment and shows strength in numbers.
3. It encourages networking, communications and sharing of ideas.
4. It gets people politically active and engaged.
5. It is a form of democracy. (Because democracy is about getting people to engage in politics including protesting and not just voting.)
6. It unites people around a common cause
7. It CAN bring change.  Many larger changes to societies have been spurred by protests.

Some times when protesting helped bring about change;
1. Suffrage Movement
2. Boston Tea Party
3. The Abolition of Slavery
4. Civil Rights Movement
5. Logging protest on Haida Gwaii
6. The Protestant Reformation
7. Gandhi’s Salt March
8. Anti-apartheid Movement
9. Tiananmen Square
10. Berlin Wall Protest
11. The Orange Revolution
12. Take Back the Night
13. The Million Man March
14. March on Washington for LGBT Rights
15. March for Women’s Lives

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