Conquer The Day


The alarm is going off
A constant beeping
So insistent
That you want to cry
And gravity has increased
Until the point even sitting
Up in bed
Is a huge hurdle
But somehow you summon
That reserve willpower
And crawl
To make yourself
A cup of tea
You don’t want
To drink it
You don’t want
To make breakfast
Or eat it
You don’t want
To move
Because you feel sick
But you do it anyways.

Convincing yourself
That changing into
Real world clothes
Is a good idea
After fighting off
The objections
You have to go to work
Even though
You love your job
Love what you do
Couldn’t ask
For anything better
Can sometimes
Be more elusive
Than fairy tale creatures.

You make it home
From work
After conquering the day
All your plans
Get the laundry done
Get the garden up to par
Take the garbage out
Do the dishes
Will wait until tomorrow
You are exhausted
Even though
You really didn’t
Accomplish much
Maybe tomorrow
You will find
That awesome surge
Of energy
The inspiration
You need
But for now
You just
Really need
To sleep.

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