What’s the climate impact of your diet?

The Earthbound Report

Last week I spoke at an event for students at Bedfordshire University, and the topic that generated the most debate was food. It was an event around a meal – part of Tearfund’s Stir Up Supper campaign – so perhaps that’s not surprising. As usual, the big issue was meat. Another contributor spoke about how he had chosen to become a vegetarian and how he had found it easier than he thought it would be. Others said the opposite, that they had tried and given up.

Meat is a carbon intensive food, by and large, so it’s right to focus on it as we look at our diets. But just to fill out the picture, here’s how it would make a difference, and some of the other things to consider:

  • If you do want to consider the vegan route, cutting out meat and dairy will make the biggest difference, slashing…

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