When you think
You can get ahead
But the system is rigged
When you believe
Yourself immortal
Even though
The game
Will always
Be eventually
When you realise
You no longer live alone
But have refugee dust bunnies
There are a million and fifty things
To do
But never enough time.
That you realise you need to stretch
But don’t have the energy to move
Because you are sad
But determination and productivity
Only last so long
Until exhaustion sets in
That without caffeine
You feel dead
But with it
You can’t sleep
That you have felt
Both starving
And sick to your stomach
For days now.
That you realise you look
Like a swamp monster
Covered in the muck
You’ve fallen in
Seriously need
To take bath
And scrub
And clean
And emerge
A human being again.

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