Building a long term perspective

The Earthbound Report

I was in a meeting with RSPB Scotland last week, and the subject of long term planning came up. As an example, they mentioned a project in Abernethy that has a particularly bold time scale.

The Abernethy Forest is the largest remaining pinewood forest in the Scottish Highlands. It’s home to a variety of wildlife, including capercaillie, wildcats and ospreys. The plan is to restore wetlands areas, replace plantation areas with natural forest, and expand the forest cover to its natural limit – almost double its size. Restoring and growing a forest is no quick task. The project plan runs for 200 years.

It’s a nice example of the ‘longer now‘ that Alex Evans calls for in his book The Myth Gap. Our culture isn’t very good at taking the long term view. Political terms are short and favour easy wins and quick fixes. Quarterly earnings reports…

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