Transference: Part 3

Kira was being punished for being late to her post after her visit with her mother. That was the only explanation she could think of for why she had been assigned to help escort the dead bodies back from enemy territory. They carried them back on stretchers covered in sheets.
The Kasians were watching as they carried the bodies out. Some were hiding in the shadows and almost looked afraid other stood and glared at the passing group.
Kira realised she should probably start trying to prove herself more now just in case there ended up being more casualties. It was important she got chosen before it was too late. She could have been one of these dead bodies. She shivered and then had to bite back a squeal when an arm flopped out from beneath the sheet and dangled down. She would not squeal and embarrass herself!
She looked up and saw someone who didn’t belong. Was that a Mordanian? Kasians and Eronese were fairly similar looking but it was easy to spot a Mordanian. They were the only ones with tattoos. He saw Kira’s party and then darted down an alleyway and disappeared. Obviously he hadn’t wanted to be seen. But why? This was usually too far south for most of his people.
Kira almost tripped and fell into the stretcher. She gulped. This was no time to get distracted by a tourist. That was probably all it was, someone visiting from the northern forests. He was probably just shy. After all the people from Mordan were supposedly super weird.
They crossed the borderline to Erona and they were met by a messenger who told them they were supposed to take the bodies to the Transference Building. As they were walking Kira realised she didn’t know what happened to their bodies after their consciousness was Transferred. She remembered hearing legends from long ago when people buried their dead in the ground or burned then. It seemed kind of gross either way.

* * * * *

“I am giving you a home work assignment,” the old man said.
“What is a home work assignment?”
“What do you mean what is a homework assignment? It is an assignment that you take home with you to work on.”
“Oh…I see.” Liam said slowly. “So what is my homework assignment then?”
“I want you to go to the Transference Building and observe the process of uploading a persons consciousness.”
“I thought I was supposed to be doing this assignment at home?”
The old man glared at him and Liam swallowed and looked away.
“Yes sir,” he said. “I will get the homework assignment done right away.”
“Get out of my hair already.” The old man grumbled. “Come back tomorrow.”
Liam scurried away still trying to figure out some of the odd sayings that the old man had. He was certain he hadn’t been anywhere near the old mans terrifying white hair.

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