The knitting group sat in a circle making various creations. They were all older woman thoroughly competent in their craft. Martha, who was working on sweater for her granddaughter, picked up a new ball of green Yarn. They had sharing some of the stories from around their small village.
“Did you hear about what happened to Tim?” Martha said.
“What happened?”
“Do tell.”
“Well…” Martha said unraveling more of the wool to use. “Dave had asked Tim to take care of the cows while he was gone out of town for the week to visit his niece. Apparently, Dave had told him to feed the cows only in the barn or to pitch some hay over the fence into one of the fields. Seemed easy enough so Tim said he would do it.”
Martha paused to grab the blue wool she was going to need next.
“So Tim did the job but on day one he decided it would make more sense just to haul a bunch of the hay into the middle of the field so that way all the cows could get to it fairly instead just the ones by the side of the fence. Well….”
A couple of the other ladies in the circle chuckled knowing how her stories usually unfolded.
“Dave I guess forgot to tell Tim how aggressive the bull he had was, especially when out in the field. ‘Cause when Tim took the hay and hauled it into field and finally looked up from what he was doing there was the bull breathing in his face. So what does Tim do? He slowly backs away until he thinks he is far enough to make a break for it. Then he runs for the gate but can’t get the damn thing open fast enough and now the bull is coming at him ‘cause he started running. So he climbs over the fence forgetting about the bar wire which get caught on his jeans. Well he hauls himself over the fence away, he’s in such a panic, he rips his jeans open right down the back and comes racing down the road.”
Martha paused while the others were laughing and shaking their heads.
“I know all this ‘cause I was standing by the window while fixing a cup of tea and watched it all happen.”
“You didn’t do anything to help?” Asked Stacy. She was rather new to the circle yet.
“On the contrary. I told my husband Larry and he joined me at the window to watch the festival.”
Everyone laughed and then settled back down.
“Could you pass me the ball of green the table Stacy,” Martha asked.
Stacy handed it over.
“Did anyone hear about Pam’s prank last week?” Someone else asked.
“No. What happened?”
“Tell us everything.”
And the group settled back in for another tale.

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