None of the above

I get so lazy that I don’t want to get up to rummage through the cupboards to find something to eat even though my stomach is tying itself in knots and gnashing its teeth like a feral beast
I get so tired that falling asleep is too much of a struggle so I embrace the zen art of insomnia as I google search how to be motivated
I feel emotionally overwhelmed that I detach my feelings and dissolve them in a beaker of acid and pour it down the drain so that I won’t have to fear the tears that try to strangle me
I reach the point where I can only process a maximum of one thought per hour or my brain will overload and while my synapses try to push the self destruct button
I feel the beginning of the day try to suffocate me and its either give in or run the laps until you pass out from exhaustion.
Today I am None of the Above
Today I have drunk from the elixir of awe-inspiring fantastic splendor
And no obstacle shall impede me!

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