Transference: Prologue Part 4

Liam wandered into the main office of the Recorders. It was only temporary he told himself. One day he would be a Designer, this was just something to do in the meantime. Recording was just statistics, easy, boring really. He approached the desk hesitantly.
“Can I help you find someone,” the brunette behind the desk asked. She didn’t even bother looking up from what she was doing.
“I am supposed to start working here…uh…today is my first day,” he said awkwardly.
She sat up abruptly ignoring him and shouted down the hall.
“Sean! There is a new guy here! Deal with him!” She went back to ignoring him and working on whatever she was working on. She seemed overly exasperated. Liam stood there trying not to fidget. He hadn’t been expecting much of a welcome but he hadn’t expected to be so dismissed either.
Sean came down the hall and stopped far enough away from Liam that it was obvious there wasn’t going to be a handshake involved in this greeting.
“Hello…I am Sean,” said Sean awkwardly.
“Liam,” said Liam.
“Could you both please be somewhere else right now,” said the brunette in a way that was too curt to be polite.
“Um… follow me,” said Sean. The wandered down the hall to where there were other offices. “Don’t mind Jackie. She’s well… anyways. This will probably be your new office here. It is right next to mine if you need anything. Umm… yes. Basically, you just catalogue all the Ancestor requests and submit a report to Jackie at the end of the day. Do you have any questions?”
“Not yet. I am sure I will. I will let you know.”
“Ok. Bye,” said Sean quickly and scurried into his office and shut the door.
Liam wandered into his office and looked around. It was a small and bland looking room with no windows. Liam sank down into his desk chair which was far from comfortable. Everything was going to work out, just keep doing this job until there was an opening to become a Designer. Meanwhile he needed to show that he had good work ethic.
Liam grabbed some of the request form that were piled in stacks on the desk and started inputting the data into the old computer. When he had finished going through the first pile he realised his stomach was growling. He realised it was lunch time and went and knocked on the door to Sean’s office.
“Hi,” he said opening the door.
“Uh… I think it might be lunch time. Do we have a break room or something that we use?”
Sean shook his head while fretting with things on his desk.
“You either have to bring a lunch and eat it in your office or go all the way to the cafeteria,” he said. “It’s about a ten minute walk from here through the east wing and then there is usually a long line with lots of people.”
“Oh. Well I didn’t bring a lunch so I guess I will have to go there then.”
“Yes. I guess so,” Sean said awkwardly moving things around on his desk. He had moved some of the same objects several times back and forth.
“Ok.” Liam went to shut the door and then paused. “Did you want anything from the cafeteria?” he asked.
“No, no. I am quite alright.”
“Ok,” Liam went to shut the door.
“Umm… well I like Jello if it’s not too much to ask.”
“Of course. No worries. I’ll try and be back soon.”
Liam shut the door and started to walk towards the cafeteria. Maybe he could make friends with Sean. He seemed to be the kind to not like crowds or people even. Liam didn’t mind crowds or people but he sometimes got nervous in new situations or if he felt intimidated.
Liam arrived at the cafeteria and winced. Sean wasn’t kidding about there being a lot of people. Maybe it would be a good idea to drop in outside of peak hour next time.
Finally, Liam got up to the front of the line. He ordered a heaping plate of food and a bowl of Jello. He wandered back to the office holding and watching the tray carefully while negotiating his way through all the people.
He got back to the office and knocked on and then carefully opening Sean’s door while balancing the tray.
“Thank you,” said Sean as Liam place the bowl on the desk.
“No worries. Let me know if you want anything tomorrow for lunch.”
“Really?” Sean said looking up. “Sorry I should give you some coins to pay for that.” He said rummaging in his drawers frantically.
“Don’t worry. You can pay me back tomorrow. It’s not a big deal.”
“Oh ok.”
“Anytime. I might be here for a while until I get to become a Designer,” Liam said trying to be friendly. “Apparently, they don’t need new people right now so I am stuck here for now.”
“Yes promotions. They happen to people all the time I am sure.” Sean was looking away awkwardly again.
“Ok. I guess I should get back to work then.”
“See you tomorrow.”
“Yes. Bye.”
Liam went back and sunk down into his chair again. Had the piles of requests grown while he was gone? What an awful job.

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