The Three Kings

Once upon a time in a land far far away there were three idiotic kings Alexa thought walking back to the inn. The sages had predicted that there would be a long drought and with it dust storms. She had been sent to warn each of the three kings and guess what they had thought of her. The first king had laughed at her. He had told her to dance for him. He was known to have no respect for woman and to top it all off he had been drunker than a fish when she had got there. You would think he would have at least listened to her if the Sages had sent her, the kings were supposed to listen to them. The second one had simply smiled and nodded patiently. His eyes said it all, he didn’t care. She had told him they needed to build shelters and put away food stores. She had given him the signed document from the Sages when she had gotten there and as she was leaving she saw him oh so casually drop it into the fire place. The third king had hid in his bedroom and yelled ‘la la la la la’ through the door when she tried to talk to him. Eventually he had yelled at his guards on the other side of the door to drag her and throw her in a cell if she wouldn’t leave on her own.
She stormed in her room at the inn and slammed the door shut.
She spun around at the voice.
A man sat casually in a chair toying with his hat. He looked up and smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes.
“Congratulations,” he said. “You have been chosen to be trained to become an assassin. If you refuse I have been ordered to kill you.”

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