Not A Trace

I work
From sunrise
To sunset
And then some more
Sleep is a luxury
That is not affordable
Right now
I can always eat the dandelions
They are in such an abundance
Right now
Unlike time
And yet not a Trace of free time
When am I going to
Finish the book I am writing
Or any of the other ideas
That float like fireflies in my head
Sometimes I question
If we are free
Or slaves
If I was free
Then I shouldn’t
Feel guilty
For taking a week off
To visit my mother
She lives only a two hour drive away
Should I feel guilty
When I buy a cup of tea
To help me
Stay awake
When I am working
Another twelve hour day
Or the fact
That I seriously need
To buy new undergarments
Because the ones I have
Are near the point
Of needing safety pins
And tape
To stay in place
But I will have to wait
Or put it on credit
Because I might
Have to forage
My breakfast
And hunt my dinners
Cash and coin
Are precious
Idols that keep me
From going insane
Because hash tag the struggle is real
Because yes it is real
Because no one in a free country
Should slave away their lives
To live? Live?
Are we alive?
Sometimes I feel
It would be easier
To run away
Into the forest
Build a tree fort
And hide away
From the nightmare
Of such pitiful bank account balances
Of whiney alarm clocks
Tick, tick, tick
And time is precious
So lets wake up an hour or two earlier
So we can write
And dream of the green
Of the trees
Of freedom
While I slowly watch
The bags under my eyes
Grow bigger
The taste is bitter
But hey
We all know the expression
I will sleep when I am dead.

6 thoughts on “Not A Trace

  1. gregoryjosephs

    My life also, completely and totally. At least the dandelion greens are abundant (though bitter). Mix in some lambs quarters and lemony purslane and you’ve got a five-star salad.

    I joke, but this was very real for me. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did survive partly for a few months on dandelion greens and other weeds mixed in with regular food to help cut the cost of groceries. The young leaves are actually not too bad and dandelions are packed full of vitamins and minerals, poor mans medicine.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. gregoryjosephs

        While it’s unfortunate you needed to do that, it’s actually very cool. There is an old book called ‘Stalking the Wild Asparagus’ that opened my eyes to all the delicious and nutritious plants all around us. We could all probably save a bit if we turned to our own back yards.

        Liked by 1 person

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