The Three Kings: Part 2

Alexa hurled her throwing knife at him as fast as she could and then… he caught it? He leaned backed and sighed putting his hat on his head.
“While I suppose I couldn’t assume you would believe me right away,” he sat slouching in the chair like a fat cat that had had too much cream.
Alexa stood stunned.
“Who are you?” she asked finally.
“Excellent question,” he said excitedly sitting forward. “I will be teaching you how to be an assassin.”
She stared at him dubiously.
“You? You are going to teach me how to kill people?”
“Well, yes I suppose killing people is a part of the job,” he said thoughtfully. “But there is more to it then just throwing knives in peoples faces.”
What is going on here? She thought turning to look out the window. It was getting dark outside. And how do I get out of this situation?”
“You either work with me, sorry, for me, or I kill you and move on to the next candidate,” he said. “There are no other options.”
Did he just read me mind? Don’t be silly.
She turned and faced him.
“So say I agree then what?”
“Well in that case,” he said clapping his hands together. “We would get to start the first lesson.”
“Which is?”
He took his hat off again and started twirling it on his finger.
“Well let’s start with a history lesson,” he said looking directly at her now. “What do you know about the Sages?”
She stared at him confused. I work for the Sages. What exactly am I supposed to learn here?
“There are three Sages….” She began.
“Wrong!” he interrupted snapping his hat back onto his head. “There are four!”
She gaped at him. Everyone knew there was only three.
“Continue,” he said waving his hand and leaning back.
“There is a Spring Sage,” she said watching him carefully. “He is in charge of collecting and holding academic knowledge. There is the Summer Sage who is knows about gardens, architecture, engineering and politics. And then there is the Autumn Sage who knows about healing and spiritual matters.”
He sat back nodding to himself and agreeing.
“And then there is the forth Sage,” he said. “The Winter Sage, the Shadow Caster, The Mistress of Death.”
She stood stock still staring at him. Was he serious? Was there a forth sage?
“Mistress of Death?” she said. “Aren’t all the Sages male?”
He chuckled.
“The first three Sages are always male, yes,” he stopped and looked at her. “Have you ever wondered why a woman is never king, even a queen is married off, a Sage is never male… basically no important position ever really goes to a woman.”
“Thanks for pointing out the obvious,” Alexa said wryly.
“So then your quest to study from the first three Sages is fruitless,” he continued. “You will never become a Sage yourself and if anything if you become too knowledgeable it will make you harder to marry off. Bachelors like simpering woman or something like that… no?” He smiled at her with a dark kind of amusement.
She glared at him. I would really like to break your nose or something, she thought.
“What is your point?”
“My point!” he exclaimed. “Is that your current career path won’t take you anywhere useful in life, nor will you be providing anything useful to society.”
“Again,” she said heatedly. “What is your point!”
He smiled slyly.
“My point is that if you train under the Winter Sage, she operates outside from the rest of them, then you could have a place and a purpose.”
“By killing people?”
“Actually for the first lesson you are to go down to the stables and kill a rat and bring it back.”
He stared at her eyebrows raised tapping his fingers together impatiently.
“Well?” He asked. “Would you like to participate or become deceased?”

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