The Three Kings; Part 3

“You want me to kill a rat?” She said.
“Yes, I will wait here, go ahead.”
He is letting me leave by myself? I could just walk out the door and disappear! She thought turning to the door quickly. She jerked her hand back when a knife thudded into the wood where her hand would have been. That’s my knife!
“Don’t bother trying to run away,” he snarled. “I will know.”
She turned slowly. “You can read minds, can’t you?” She asked carefully.
He looked at her and smiled. His lips were bloodless. She shuddered and hurried away.
It was dark outside and the stable was even darker inside.
Do I want to light a lantern? Or would that just draw attention to the fact that I am hunting rats in the middle of the night? Not exactly a normal pastime. She grimaced.
She looked around to see what was available. There was an assortment of bridles and gear for the horses, not helpful. In the corner, there was a pitchfork for the hay leaning against the wall. She grabbed it. Maybe I can stab a rat with it. Where are the rats anyways?
Her eyes were slowing starting to adjust to the dark. She heard squeaking coming from a corner and as she walked over slowly saw a rat scurry into a next of straw. She raised her pitchfork and stabbed. A flood of baby rats came bolting out of the nest and she jump out of the way. She went and grabbed the pitchfork, it had two dead rats on it. Ha! Too easy. She thought and she looked around for a bag or something to put the dead bodies in. She found an empty sack of grain and used that to carry them back up to her room.
She waltzed through the door and through the sack at his feet.
“Done!” she said.
“You failed,” he replied not even looking at the contents.
“How many rats did you kill?” he asked pointedly.
“Two,” she replied uncertain.
“And how many did I tell you to kill?”
“One but no one is going to miss another rat,” she said angrily.
“Oh?” he replied leaning back. “What if I told you to kill one cat and you killed two?”
“Well that’s different, it’s a cat,” she said. This conversation is stupid, she thought before she could stop herself.
“And what makes a cat better than a rat?” he asked bitingly. “What if we apply the same principle to a real assassination of a person…hmm? You think killing two people instead of one is good?”
“Ok fine!” she yelled. “I get your point! It was an accident! I only meant to kill one!”
“Oh…. Well if it was an accident then all is forgiven!” he sarcastically. “Imagine again if this wasn’t a trivial exercise!”
“Why don’t you just kill me and find someone smarter if that is what you want!” she yelled back at him. Then she paused and swallowed. Please don’t take that literally, she thought.
He leaned back into his chair and chuckled.
“Pack your things, we will be leaving at first light,” he said and then stood and left the room.

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