The Three Kings: Part 5

The next day when she opened her eyes they were red and swollen. Cal was awake rolling up his sleeping mat and packing his things. She sat up gingerly holding her wrist.
“Sunrise is in 15 minutes,” he said.
She clumsily rolled her mat up one handed and packed her things. She saved a piece of cloth and wrapped the meat she had cured over night in it after eating couple pieces quickly.
They left and walked back to the road. The walked for half the day in silence until they came to the top of a hill looking down at a small town.
“We will stop here for supplies,” Cal said. “You have an hour and then we meet on the far side.”
She didn’t say anything and walked down the hill carefully. Her wrist was still throbbing but she had wrapped it up in an old shirt she had cut into strips so it wouldn’t move around as much.
The town was small, only the main street was paved. There were a few vendors out selling wares and some small shops but nothing like the big city they had just come from.
She bought some biscuits and dried fruit and small block of cheese. Meat she could hunt. Her soap was almost gone so she bought another bar. She looked at the amount of money that she had left and hoped they would get to the Academy soon. Then she started walking to the other side of the town. The people disappeared after a couple blocks
She heard footsteps following her and glanced over her shoulder and saw a big thug guy following her. Normally she would run, or fight or scream. But she was too tired to run, too injured to fight and there was no one around to come to her aid if she started screaming. She reached down with her good hand and grabbed her knife, it felt clumsy in her left hand, she normally threw with her right.
He grinned at her and she backed away glancing around. The only way to escape was to run and she didn’t think she had the energy to outrun him after getting so little sleep.
“You are such a cute kitten,” he said patronisingly walking towards her.
She threw her knife and it missed and clattered onto the ground. He laughed and she turned to run but he grabbed her and shoved her against a wall. Her face smashed against it and then he spun her around. She was about to scream, desperate at this point when his eyes bulged and he stiffened and fell. She stared blankly at the body at her feet for awhile, blood trickled down her face.
“We are leaving now,” said Cal’s voice and she followed numbly.

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