In the dark

The world
Often upsets me
More than it should?
I overreact
Don’t know how to act
Should accept
What is?
When the brain
Has been washed
Of the brain washing
When you can think
The world is burning
Cities are flooding
People are suffering
No they aren’t?
And if they are
So what?
Laugh, forget
Move on
There is nothing that can be done?
Why do we wear these lies
Like they are fashion designer clothes
And are reluctant to shed them
To put on the ratty rags of truth
It isn’t pretty
Why do you think we close our eyes?
It is the biggest insult
To be told
To stop worrying about it
To let it go
Because that would be
Like cutting out your soul
And roasting it in the fire for dinner
Growing up
Means learning to see
What the truth is
And once you know
You can’t unknow it
Then it becomes a choice
Be the apathetic sheep
Or maybe try
To create a little change
And help others see
In the dark
Times we live in.

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