Not your typical neuro

Knowledge is like a drug
Fun facts stimulating synapses
Until I babble and bubble over
Like a pot on the stove
Or a computer
Too much too fast
And you can short circuit
It is worse when
You want someone else’s mind
To dance with you
But no one can
They think this swirling beautiful jig
Is a tad bit insane
It most is definitely not normal
When an overflowing brain
Causes words to leak out
Of mouthparts
To share fun facts
Which later are realized
To be socially not fun
And sometimes even gruesome
Because this feeling of pure joy
And swimming and swirling
In a current of data
Much like someone who just won the lottery
Would feel rolling in cash
Does not apply to normal minded folk
And for me
Eventually you have to come down
Back to reality
And face the headache
Of loss of sleep
Forgetting to eat
Of pouring and sifting and mining
Through info until your eyes burn red
I don’t understand
How others can constantly live
In such uninformed worlds
I am a sponge
And knowledge whets my appetite
Whereas others wait
And take small bites
I jump in and drown

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