This world is a nightmare
A subtle kind
The sun shines
The birds sing
Everyone smiles
Kind voices,
Nice gestures
But empty eyes
There is confusion
A cloud
We don’t talk about certain things
Because to do so would be crazy
Over emotional
Like I have ever had a flare for theatre
I am the most logical
Rational person I know
I am even clinical
At scrutinizing my own moods
Is it their discomfort
Or mine
That they do not wish to discuss
An ugly truth
That I do
Because I live watching it unfold
My friends
My family
All participate in insanity
But they think I am crazy
Because I have chosen to step away
Towards a different life
One free on delusions
One where I love myself
And all living things
One of respect and compassion
One with ethics and morals
But I am crazy because
I don’t want to swallow poison

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