Does this poem offend you?

Does it offend
If I tell you
That you are eating the flesh
Of a murdered individual?
That your stomach is now
A tomb for piece
Or rotting body parts
Not resting peacefully
That your tongue enjoys
The taste of suffering
And death
That your omelet
Was the product
Of mass murder of baby boys
As they will never grow up
To lay
Useless objects
Disposed of
For lack of profitability
That milk
That cheese
You gobble back
Is infused with pus
And death
That you drool over the thought of
Coagulated cow nipple juice
Solidified bovine lactate secretion
That you moan in delight
At the taste of charred pig flesh
That you shove the stolen
Periods of hens into your baking
Use them to hold together
The patties made of ground cow flesh
Does this poem offend you?
I have not exaggerated the truth
I have told you no lies
So why them do these words
Make you so defensive?

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