Farm US: Part 1

In this version of reality there is not only one species of Homo sapiens but two. The first were Homo sapiens sapiens as you and I know them, the second were Homo sapiens griseus which were colloquially referred to as Betas. Betas are very similar in many ways to normal humans it is more interesting …

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The Three Kings: Part 4

The next morning Terra woke up groggily to the man shaking her awake. What is your name anyways? She thought. “Cal,” he replied tersely. “Now get up.” Cal turned and walked out the door impatiently. She got out of bed grudgingly. She had only been in this room at the inn for a few days …

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The Adventures of Ashley: Chapter 1

Ashley flopped onto a bar stool and ordered a drink from the bar tender. She chugged the drink as soon as she got it and ordered another. Looking around she saw a few robots casually trying to pass off as human. Most of her fellow humans seemed more or less unaware. Robots were becoming better …

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