Some days
I can’t help
the Bitter taste
in my mouth
that working
five days a week
eight hours a days
is not enough
to scrape by?
that buying fruits and veggies
to eat healthy
is more expensive
than instant noodles
and kraft dinner?
yet how are we supposed
to fuel our bodies
to work those seventy hour weeks?
that if you want a social life
you have to sacrifice sleep
which just makes
your 12 hour days
feel like 72 hour days
and then people
wonder if you are anemic
because you’re so tired?
That finding time
to write
which is such a cathartic exercise
means waking up an hour or two early
each morning
so that you can pound on the keyboard
in a fugue state.
And damn it
but today I slept in
but I needed to write
so now I shall be late for work.

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