The Problem I Have With Being Skinny


I love my body
My breasts are small
I refuse to shave
And embrace the hair
That is supposedly unwomanly.

I wear my baggy clothes
And never any make up
or do more with my hair
Than a fast pony tail
I forgo fashion for function

I love my body
Not because it is
This unreasonable standard
Of being skinny
But because it is mine.

By the dumb luck
Of genetics
I was given a naturally
Small waste line
Others were not.

I watch my friends struggle
To love the bodies they have
When the universe around them
Screams the words diet
And fat in their faces.

The problem I have
With being skinny
Is trying to explain that
Loving your body
Is not about being the ideal figure.

I watch the women in my life
And others too
Fall into a place of inadequacy
Trying to reach
Unattainable goals of bodily perfection.

I watch woman objectify
Instead of congratulating themselves.
I watch them fall victim
To judgement and self criticism
And that oh so casual hatred for their skinny friends.

The problem I have
With being skinny
Is when my best friend
Casually jokes that she hates me
Because I have it too easy.
But the juicy secret
Is that being beautiful
Is not about being skinny
It is not about fashion
Or smooth legs.

Being beautiful
Is about being healthy
It is about self acceptance
It is about loving the blemishes that we all have
And honouring the body we have been given.

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