I don’t have writers block
I have the opposite
I have a thousand
No a million
Plus one
Things I want to
Where do I start?
Which do I choose?
Is like trying to catch bubbles
Pop, pop, pop
They go
And more and more
Swirl around my head
Oh and here’s a new idea!
Let us add it to the list
The ever growing
Never shrinking
Of things to write
Focus is what I need
Too much inspiration
Is like a labyrinth
Where you are trying
To find the pen and
The time
To write
It all down
But as much as
I try
I never seem
To be able
To catch all the bubbles
But I have been making notes
So that when the well
I will have material
To write
When I have time
I won’t be
Able to say I don’t
Know what to

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