Transference: Prologue Part 3

“So you think you have what it takes to be a soldier do you?” The officer yelled walking back and forth in front of the ranks of aspiring soldiers. Kira stood up straight making sure her gaze remained determined. Now that she had passed some of the introductory classes it was time for her to start doing work in the field.
“You think you can handle being pinned down in enemy fire?” he stopped and stared intensely into Kira’s eyes. His face was too close for comfort but Kira refused to be put on edge.
“No sir!” Kira barked back at him.
“Then what are you doing here soldier?”
“I refuse to be pinned down sir!”
“Lieutenant Makalum has volunteered to lead this group!” He yelled at the ranks. “Apparently she think she knows how to keep from getting trapped under fire by the enemy.” He turned back to her. “You will lead this group through all of their training exercises. Any failures from anyone in your ranks will be solely your responsibility. Do you understand?”
A few people in the line snickered at her.
“Yes sir!” Kira said without a second thought. This was perfect she had a chance to prove herself to be an amazing soldier. Everything was going to go great.
One of her soldiers decided to throw a ball of mud at the officer while he was turned away.
He spun back around to face her. She tried not to wince and failed.
“Makalum! Report to the laundromat after shift. You will be in charge of cleaning the uniform that I am wearing today.”
“Yes sir,” she said a little bit less enthusiastically then before. Her troops snickered at her. He left them and she turned to face the troops.
“You might now be getting in trouble for any of your misdemeanors anymore,” she said to them. “But you will still fail your evaluations if you refuse to participate in any training. I choose what training you need and how much and how difficult it should be.” She paused and gave her troops a bittersweet smile. “Let us just say that how you treat me will also reflect how I treat you. So today I think it is appropriate to do the Black Course and we all enjoy getting muddy together.”
Everyone groaned. The Black Course involved a lot of crawling under nets in the mud. This meant that she wouldn’t be the only one having to do laundry tonight. She set them to running at a trot towards the course trying not to feel smug. She would have to be vigilant and focused and not get distracted by petty things that happened. It was normal for people to push the boundaries and first so she would have to set up some firm and fair rules.
She got to the obstacle course with her troops and lead the group through. They finally finished an hour later. Everyone was covered in mud.
“Again!” she said after the last member had emerged. She listened to everyone groaning and complaining while trotting back to the beginning of the course. They ran the course again and then she got them to assemble in a line.
“Tomorrow we have the option of doing the Green Course or this one again and again and again.” She stopped in front of the one who had thrown the ball of mud. “I will leave it up to everyone here to decide. I do hope you all show up on time tomorrow and fully prepared. Dismissed!”
Kira’s troops scrambled to get away from her as fast as possible. Everyone still had other duties to attend to. Most of her soldiers had other classes to go to, as well Kira had an Advanced Strategy class in the evening. She had an hour to get cleaned up for class as well as eat, and now that she had been appointed a leader of her own troops there would be reports to fill out as well. It was going to be a long day.

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